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Heartwood - Shade of Night


 Wizards Gold Medal HoD 2018

Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year Heartwood






Gold Medal Award



Winner of the inaugural Peter Duly ‘Dram Of The Year’ Award from the Macquarie Branch of The Gillies Club - Australia.




Drink good whisky slowly and responsibly...

Macquarie Gillies Newsletter - March 2014

HEARTWOOD ‘CONVICT REDEMPTION’ Batch 2 – 12 yo – 71.9 ABV - $240 RRP (but special $200 including postage to MacGillies Club)

Colour: Bronze; burnt toffee
Nose: “Plumcake’ pipe tobacco; vanilla; banana; shellac; roses; apricots; fruitcake, slightly overcooked/burnt; eucalypt; wild garlic; Spicy Fruit Pillows (Arnotts); freshly peeled cumquats; burnt apricot jam; ‘Tabac Original’ after shave
Palate: Most moist fruitcake ever tasted; sensational; well brewed tea with a touch of bergamot/Seville orange extract; sucks into the tongue, SO lovely!; sensational; liquid tokay (?!?!); shiraz & cinnamon; underside of burnt toast; too harsh in alcohol content
Finish: Super long; super; furry, velvety; delightfully perfumey in the empty glass
Comments: Simply stunning; a world beater, Tim!; would swear it was a sherried cask, not a port one; alcohol starts to burn after 15 minutes, but not at the beginning; absolutely fantastic; a ball-tearer; alcohol well managed; very nice, albeit challenging


We came back to the Heartwood Convict Redemption Batch 2 after enjoying a rich caramel tart dessert, with the following comments added:

Nose: Damp; mellowed; like it less – more alcohol ‘burn’ prevalent; not as good as before; gum trees
Palate: Loses some of its sweetness; more bitter; beautiful; liquid raisins; slightly burnt plum pudding; bushfire after rain – smoky, wet ash
Finish: A bit hotter and aggressive, but still very nice; slightly more bitter; more kick in a long finish
Comments: An ‘end of nighter’; preferred it more at first taste; nose not as good after the dessert; BEFORE- the nicest thing I’ve ever tasted: AFTER – some bitterness.


What a sensational contribution to the whisky World is Tim Duckett’s Heartwood series of releases! Few if any malts could stand up to such comparative tasting before and after a rich dessert! Nice one Tim!