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Heartwood - Shade of Night


 Wizards Gold Medal HoD 2018

Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year Heartwood






Gold Medal Award



Winner of the inaugural Peter Duly ‘Dram Of The Year’ Award from the Macquarie Branch of The Gillies Club - Australia.




Drink good whisky slowly and responsibly...

Here we go TD…

Sweet barley sugar, hints of cinnamon, dried citrus peel, and other kitchen spices, like cloves…it’s dragging me in and my mouth is literally watering…very subtle oak, even subtler malt, but then, a slightly oaky/dirty sherry note appears, but as a positive not a negative. I have to say, a very stylish nose, great balance without too much “nasal burn” as my Neat Americans would say.

Has certain Lark characteristics about it.

For F%^$k sake…I sound like an whisky expert…stop it…just taste it, you moron…

Yumbo! Sweet, sweet, honey, barley sugar, rich maltiness on entry, fruitiness builds, almost a glycerol feel, but it just shimmers down the palate, maybe falls a tad short but look at the width! Balancing alcohol, once again, Maestro Duckett knows how to balance big sweetness with crisp alcohol.. Gotta have a second glass…bigger hit of alcohol this time. Subtle oak and barley, but highly polished.

Lingering, honeyed oiliness, like you get out of a tokay or muscat.

It’s bringing tears to my eyes… just swallowed it the wrong way…

Well done mate, a knockout…put me down for an initial dozen…

Graham Wright
Oddbins Wine Auctions & The Odd Whisky Coy