Heart of Darkness and DREGs Volume 2

Well…….The Heart of Darkness and the DREGs Volume 2 have sold out. There is a waiting list. We have a number of bottles aside for people…..if you no longer want your whisky, it isn’t a problem. Just let me know and they can go to new homes. I’ll attempt to make contact. If I can’t …….. you know what will happen. Sorry.

Got to make room for the “Chaos and Intrigue”. Probably taking orders next week. Only 1 per person.

Kind regards

Tim Duckett

The Beagle 5

Good afternoon everyone…

It’s here!

The Beagle 5 has been released…

Beagle 5

Cask: Evolved from seven Lark and Tasmania Distillery casks
Cask Type: Bourbon/Port/Sherry/Peated/Muscat
Bottled: June 2017
Alc/Vol: 62.5%
Sphagnum Peat Influence: Still too hard to calculate

As always you can email me at: visit@heartwoodmaltwhisky.com.au

Mr H

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