About the Club

Master-Sniffer-nosing-dram-1024x682The Barking Mad Club

Due to demand for our limited run releases, HEARTWOOD has formed the BARKing Mad Club

The benefits of the Barking Mad Club will be to to provide our supporters with first and priority access to our limited Heartwood releases including experimental whiskies (experimental whisky where you are the Guinea pigs). Members will be notified, prior to all others, on release dates.

Other Reasons:

  • Allows HEARTWOOD to BRANCH out
  • Allows us to STEM demand
  • It ROOTS out profiteering
  • It STUMPS those that use more than 1 name
  • It LEAVES some for our strongest supporters.
  • It allows our relationship to BLOSSOM
  • It sows the SEEDS for bad Dad jokes
  • In the end we will see the FRUITS of our labour

Sales are retail only, no wholesale options
We cannot send bottles to Canada or the USA

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